Langhe and Roero have a lot to say and they mostly speak through their wines.

Arpatìn represents the idea of giving a personal voice to our spectacular territory, Langhe and Roero, where our story is deeply rooted like an ancient vine that gives its best fruits still nowadays.
For over 30 years we have been the spokesperson of this important winemaking tradition, producing the most representative wines in a very artisanal way and with respect for this land.

Our commitment starts from the vineyard, where we take care of the luxuriant nature of our vines following sustainable agriculture. Our vineyards are located in the most strategic spot between Langhe and Roero, in the nearby of our beautiful town, Alba, as well as in the Barolo and Barbaresco districts.

Once in the cellar, we use technology and modernity as means at the service of our tradition.

We try to maintain the purest expression of each individual terroir producing wines that whisper elegance and cleanliness in every sip.